Lialko Vadym Ivanovych

Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of geology-mineralogical sciences, professor, Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, State Prize Laureate in Science and Technology sphere of UkrSSR, National Prize Laureate in Science and Technology sphere of Ukraine, Vernadsky’s Prize Laureate of National Academy Sciences of Ukraine.

Curriculum Vitae of V.I. Lyalko

V.I. Lyalko was born in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky, Ukraine, on September 1, 1931, in the family of civil servants. In 1955 V.I. Lyalko graduated from Shevchenko’s National University, Kyiv, geological faculty. In 1955 he entered the Institute of Geological Sciences, Academy Sciences of UkrSSR, Kyiv, as an engineer at the hydrology department (to 1959), than as a scientific associate (to 1965) and as a senior researcher. In 1969 he was appointed a head of hydrogeological processes modeling department at the Institute of Geological Sciences. After Institute structure change in 1973 he was a head of heat and mass transfer into the Earth’s crust department. He is a founder of the CASRE (1992) and a CASRE’s director from that time. V.I. Lyalko is a Bureau member at the Earth Sciences Unit of the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine.

Candidate’s degree dissertation (1964) on “Formation, assessment and prediction for the underground water resource change under the arid area conditions in Ukraine”. Doctor’s degree dissertation (1972) on “Study of the heat and mass transfer features in underground waters at the southwestern Russian Platform and adjacent areas”.

He was elected as an assistant of academician-secretary and a Bureau member at the Earth Sciences Unit of the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine, from 1974 to 1978.

Laureate of the UkrSSR State Prize in Science and Technology (1989) and the Vernadsky’s Prize of Academy of Sciences, Ukraine (1986)

Since 1992 he is the Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, Ukraine. He is honoured worker in Science and Technology (1997).

Since May 2010 he is the Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (2005)

He is the author more 350 scientific works among those 20 monographs. In 1981 USA edited his monograph in English “Calculation on Heat and Mass Transfer in the Earth Crust" (Amerind Publishing Co., Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 150 p.)



Important implementations by V.I. Lyalko and his scientific school


  • СMapping the hydrological conditions for agricultural water supply in the southern Ukraine on 1: 500 000scale (Institute of Geological Sciences at Academy of Sciences, UkrSSR, and USSR Hydrological Trust at the Ministry of Geology of USSR, 1955 – 1956)
  • Studying radioactive mineral waters for the Ukrainian Crystal Shield and extension of tritium method to hydrogeological research (1957 – 1958).
  • Investigation of underground water resource formation and moisture dynamics in the aeration zone for the Ukrainian arid area on a basis of experimental field works on lysimetric measurements, neutron gamma-ray logging for wells and data processing with the application of calculated relations for heat-water exchange theory and filtration processes modeling (Dnipro – Molochna interfluve as a case study) (1959 – 1964).
  • Studying heat and mass transfer in the Earth crust based on the computer programs for the calculation of useful thermal and mineral water resources, industrial sewage disposal into the interior, paleo reconstruction of ore processes, substantiation of hydrogeochemical and hydrogeothermical minerals prospecting adjusted for kinetics of interaction into the “solution – rock” system (1965 – 1972).
  • Theoretical and methodical grounds elaboration for emergence of geothermal, geochemical, and spectral prospecting signals at the near-surface layers and the ground surface using the theoretical evidence for energy-mass transfer in geosystems. Computer program design to solve the direct and inverse hydrogeothermical problems as for the oil-and-gas accumulation search. Experimental ground and aircraft heat, multispectral and radio wave surveys to solve the geological and ecological problems (1973 – 1991).
  • ТTheoretical and methodical substantiation and practical test into the production conditions for the new methods in aerospace land knowledge (radar interferometry, hyper spectroscopy, etc.) to meet the challenges to the sphere of natural resources and environment protection that very actual for Ukraine (oil-and-gas accumulation prospecting, control and prediction of crop yield, fire risk in forests, area submergence, floods, ecological conditions of the areas and water ones, etc.) (1992-2002).