During January 27 – February 3, 2015 the collaborators from the Scientific Center for AeroSpace research of the Earth NAS of Ukraine (CASRE) Dr. O.I. Sakhatskyi and Dr. S.A.Stankevich visited Innovative Nano-Satellite Technology Center (INSRTEC) of Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics of the University of Tokyo (Japan) to discuss new results of joint studies on the application of satellite data for monitoring Fukushima-1 area.

The meeting was attended by Professor, Dr. Akira Iwasaki from the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo (RCAST), Professor, Dr. Shinichi Nakasuka from Innovative Nano-Satellite Technology Center (INSRTEC), Dr. Seiji Yoshimoto and Dr. Yoshihide Aoyanagi.

During the meeting Dr. O.I. Sakhatskyi (Head of Laboratory) and Dr. S.A Stankevich (Chief Researcher) presented reports on the results of joint investigations and plans for further cooperation. As a result of discussion both the parties expressed their interest in continuing collaborative research.

Also the collaborators from CASRE visited in INSRTEC the Receiving Center of satellite data from Hodoyoshi satellites (Japan nano satellites), launched in 2014 by the Ukrainian carrier rockets.