Fundamentals of Remote Sensing: History and Practice: Guidance Manual / S. O. Dovgyi, V. I. Lialko, S. M. Babiichuk, T. L. Kuchma, O. V. Tomchenko, L.Ya. Iurkiv; translation from Ukrainian O. Savychenko, O. Oleshko — K.: Institute of Gifted Child of the NAPS of Ukraine, 2019. — 316 pages. ISBN 978‑617‑7734‑05‑4

This Guidance Manual introduces readers to the history of development, phy sical basics and areas of application of the remote sensing data. In addition, the Manual also contains information on the nature of electromagnetic radiation and its role in the decoding and interpreting satellite imagery. The Guidance Manual presents examples of the remote sensing data application in the field of natural sciences. The Manual may be used by methodologists and heads of sections of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and teachers and students of schools, lyceums, gymnasia within the frame of educational and research activities, as well as by anybody who has the desire to master the fundamentals of remote sensing.

fundamentals of remote sensing history and practice eng